Virtual Homes Realty and the broker Alina Pekarsky.......A great combination. I was a customer, renter, and owner. As a cutomer, Alina had a way to know what I was looking for, before I could share that. As a renter she delivered that to me. When a came to ownership, once again, she knew what my desires was. She completed it all. I was so impressed and respected with her ability to do what she did for me, I went to work for her. I see now the behind the scenes ""if one could say"" what she really does for her clients, investors, and tenants. This woman, is about passion, connection, and caring to get you your home as a owner or tenant. She will not give up, until it is done. It's the first time in my life to see a broker fight for you and your stability to own or rent.


In March, 2015, Alina has helped me purchasing a home in Palm coast. I strongly recommend Alina for your real estate need because Alina has many qualities that I am looking for in a realtor: Professional, Integrity, Great Negotiator, Knowledgeable, Very well like and respected by her peers. These qualities Alina possessed helped me get the best price for the home and make the purchasing transaction a breeze. Thank you Alina!


Alina was a great help to us in working through the purchase experience, would recommend her highly, we were unaware of the hurdles involved in purchasing in FLagler county and Alina made it easy and enjoyable.


Jim Duran

-Jim Duran

The first word you'll utter when someone asks you about Alina Pekarsky and Virtual Homes Realty is: "FINALLY!" A full-service agency that not only meets all your business expectations but truly exceeds them. After paging through countless homes for sale on line, what a relief it was to find someone we could trust to help us navigate through all the paperwork and legalities required in a foreclosure or short sale transaction. From the first contact over the phone to our trips to Palm Coast Alina and her multi-talented team at VHR listened to our wishes and deal breakers in order to maximize our time and secure us a terrific property. Alina Pekarsky works with an unprecedented degree of diligence, integrity and efficiency. She has carefully chosen her team applying the same high standards she applies to herself. Her contractors transformed our home with creativity, professionalism and an eye to the bottom line. Her property managers are maintaining our home before we move up. Alina has a vast network to also help us with real estate sales outside of Flagler County. We have told our colleagues interested in relocating or investment properties to value their own time and effort as much as Alina Pekarsky will! Choose Virtual Homes Realty. Feel special. Be special. Call Alina.

-Nikki Reymer

I live in Massachusetts, our original intent to retire in Palm Coast, Fl. had changed. Alina's agency had been handling the rental. We decided to sell. Alina got repair, painting and flooring estimates to bring the house up to snuff. We discussed options and she followed through with all contractors for all the repairs, which were very reasonable. They were performed in a timely manner, about 6 weeks. Property was listed on a Thursday, We accepted an offer on Monday, It closed about 3 weeks later. We could not have been more impressed with the professional service received. We recommend highly. Thanks

-Marc & Paula Depontbriand

Visited Palm Coast in April 2014 and Alina to view a few homes in Palm Coast. Alina is very professional, responsive and knowledgable of the area and knows the exact type of property my wife and I are looking for. Although I have not purchased yet, when I do it will definately be with Alina. I would highly recommend Alina and her team.

-Gary Mangi

Alina did an absolutely terrific job for us! She showed us over 25 properties over a three day period and we found our new home in less than a week! We originally were working with another local Realtor who just wasn't very responsive or motivated to find us our new home and then I sent an inquiry in on a property via Zillow and Alina responded immediately! If you are looking to buy or sell in the Palm Coast, FL area then I highly recommend contacting Alina!!!

Michael & Jennifer

-Michael & Jennifer

We were looking to move to Palm Coast in the next few years and wanted to start a home search in hopes of taking advantage of the right deal when it came along. In searching for a realtor, we looked for someone that would take the time to get to know us and was assertive enough to get us that house once it became available. Searching for realtors in the Palm Coast area, we looked for those who had a high closing rates and good references. Alina seemed to be the one realtor who stood above the others. Once we met with Alina, we knew she would be the one to help us in our search. She was relaxed, personable and confident that she could help. She really seemed to understand what we were looking for. As this was to be our retirement home, we were very picky and had a set idea of what we were looking for. She spent a lot of time with us showing us various properties in different neighborhoods. While these houses were all very nice, they didn’t inspire us to want to make them our own. It was three month later when Alina called us to let us know about a house in a neighborhood we loved. We ended up purchasing that home and are excited at the prospect of living in it. During the entire process, Alina not only demonstrated great care and patience with us, she also maintained an enthusiastic disposition throughout. We are very grateful to Alina for her assistance, her persistence, and her enthusiasm. She really did find our dream home.

-Brian & Chris Courchesne

The buyers mostly of time are not ready to follow all small thinks, which can appear on buying process, like for as. It wasn't our fist experience property purchase in Palm Coast, but anyway, it was stressful. And so, we can compare…. You can trust Alina from your fist look, she is on your side, and she is doing her business on very professional and intelligent manner. We very appreciate VHR team for excellent organization and responsibility through the buying process and renting our properties. We highly recommend them to anyone in need to buy or rent the property in Palm Coast.

-Val Belkin

I met Alina accidentally as I was looking for an agent to manage my property in Palma Coast, Florida. She is quite very pleasant and accommodating. She is professional, intelligent and knows her staff well. She has given me an inside and recommendations in needed in order to find good people for my condo and without any pressure . I am glad I found her and I invite you to check on her...You will not regret.


I purchased my first property in Florida from Alina Pekarsky’s Virtual Homes Realty and I am in contract on my second home using VHR. I’ve owned the first house for one year and I have been using VHR for property rental services there from day-1. It was my first purchase in Florida, and I was nervous about it since I could not be on-site and as hands-on as I’d normally like. The home had an unexpected problem that needed to be repaired before the tenant moved in, and Alina and her team quickly went to work and held my hand through the process. They set up competing bids, and the issue was resolved quickly, and at a reasonable price. I just flew into town and Ida Kuzmichova, a realtor at VHR, was able to quickly set up appointments for me to visit the two properties so that I could meet the tenants and see how my investments were shaping up. Suffice it to say, I’m very pleased. Alina runs a fantastic group of real estate professionals. They always do their best, and I appreciate that they are diligent, organized and responsive. I whole-heartedly recommend them to anyone in need of real estate services in Palm Coast.

-David Olkovetsky

After finding several attractive homes on the internet at Palm Coast, my wife and I decided to make a 1200 mile trip to Palm Coast to look at some properties. I remember we arrived in Florida on a Sunday and decided to set up an appointment with a local real estate agent. Thirty minutes after emailing Alina and telling her of our interest she responded by phone and intermediately set up 2 days for us to see different homes of our liking. In a period of three months we made two reasonable offers on two different homes at two different times and both fell through. Alina was a real professional. Knowledgeable without doubt. She knew exactly what we could get for our money and told us to hang in there that our dream home will show up and yes it did. Thank you Alina...We would recommend you to all!...Your the best!


I would recomend Alina and her Virtual Home Realty as the best possible agent on a real estate market. She and her comapany were helping us to find a right house, and never tired untill she eventually did. She is always were for us, answering any questions we had, explaining market strategy and best solutions to the problem. We bought our house with Alina"s help and now she is helping us to manage the property. Friendly, knowledgeble and dedicated! Thanks!!


I was very lucky to work with Alina and her team. I'm an out-of-state investor, so partnering with a reliable full-service real estate management company is invaluable. They introduced me to the area and were very helpful in finding, purchasing and managing my property.

-Daniel Mazor

We contacted Alina after finding a beautiful home on Zillow. She has been amazing since day one. She was responsive, caring and helpful. We will highly recommend her to anyone looking for a home in the area. She responded to phone calls and emails in less than 24 hours. Her sweet and caring demeanor, has definitely made our moving transition a smooth one.

-Lauren Green

I have had a great experience with Virtual Homes Realty from needed home repairs to renewing my lease. They have been always friendly at their office and on the phone but most important quick to respond to problems. I would recommend them because of this.

-Joe Mazzola

We live in Peninsula area of Virginia and wanted to purchase a property in Florida’s Palm Coast region. In finding the property during a Christmas holiday period, Alina and her assistant Ida have been most helpful. However, Alina has been especially helpful, accessible, and responsive during the closing of a Freddy Mac property for which we won the bid. During the long, and sometimes arduous, period of closing the property with extra requirements, Alina has assisted us from afar every step of the way. She was so responsive that at one time, one of us remarked whether it is fair for her, as a broker and not just as an agent, to work 24/7! Since we could not move into the property right away since one us needs to work, her agency’s rental arm came in quite handy. Indeed, once we quipped with her that, her ‘business model’ having the rental component was something very fitting for these days. Some out-of-state purchasers of Florida property, like us, may find it convenient to rent for a while before they are ready to move into the property permanently. Finally, we found the brokers, if not agents, especially inaccessible in Palm Coast region. In that regard, Alina is the VERY BEST, professional, courteous, and ALL THE REST! Besides, her sprawling real-estate office is quite enchanting with so many fine looking people in it!

-Lana Gul

I have used Alina and her team to rent my home for a number of years and she has done an excellent job at finding clean and respectful tenants. It has been a WIN / WIN / WIN for myself, Alina and the various tenants who have shared my home!!!

-Joe Macau

move to palm coast in 2009 , had excellent service from alina, have referred other clients , that has brought homes from virtual homes will receive personal and professional service.. . SIMPLY THE BEST

-Granny Justice

I had a wonderful experience working with Alina Pekarsky at Virtual Homes Realty- her professionalism and dedication helped me smoothly purchase my first apartment in Palm Coast. Her guidance on what property to look for was key as a first time buyer and her access to resources is great. Having closed less than a week ago, I am looking forward to many happy memories and years in my new apartment and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her services to friends or family and would definitely use her services again in the future.

-Terrence W.

I first met Alina and the Virtual Homes team shortly after moving to Palm Coast several years ago after relocating from South Florida. Her team showed my wife and I many great houses and we quickly found just the right home. When family members decided to join us in this fantastic community, they also used Virtual Homes and had nothing but good things to say about the team and Alina in particular. Since living here, I have been in contact with many property managers and Realtors and have found that Virtual Homes is one of those Rare Companies in today's market that will: 1. Answer the phone 2. Return calls 3. Respond to YOUR needs 4. Be Pro-Active in dealing with the normal day-to-day things involved with maintaining a home. Its no small wonder that Virtual Homes has such a great reputation, success and growth.

-Greg A

Alina Pekarsky is one of the best brokers I have met not only because of her professionalism but also her attention to detail and extreme patience with the long difficult process during my search for housing. I was a young professional fresh out of college looking for an apartment in Palm Coast. Having never really lived in the city, the experience of looking for housing was daunting, not to mention I did not have any guarantors who lived here. After learning about my tight schedule with work and my situation, Alina took note of my preferences and helped me to find the perfect place within a few days. It was a fast and efficient process and the experience became a lot easier with her help. In every step of the application process, she was there offering me suggestions while seeing the process through with the agent. Even after I have moved-in to the new apartment, she asked about the living situation and made sure I had no problems with the apartment. Alina is truly a responsible and caring person, and I feel very happy that I was able to receive her help in this process. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for housing in Palm Coast Florida.


This is a second, unsolicited, review of Virtual Home Realty; and in particular, its industrious owner and broker Alina Pekarsky. We purchased our home in early 2012 as a HUD property with the assistance of Alina and her workers. Since that time, we have been renting the Palm Coast property, 8 Foster Ln, with the assistance of Virtual Homes Realty or VHR for short. From the get-go, especially during the purchasing processes started in Florida but mostly done remotely from Virginia where we live, we could see that Alina, the boss, ‘the broker’, was most responsive to our needs and very responsive, day or night. Indeed, through the years, we have worked with dozens of real-estate agents for one reason or another; we never ever seen anyone of them as responsive; let alone ‘a broker’! You see, the brokers are supposed to be in some back office and highly unreachable; not so with Alina, not at that time. Maybe, since then, she did become a millionaire as we used to joke about because of her noticeable hard work, and less accessible these days. One thing is sure, at the time, she was the hardest working although her staff, and attractive bunch form Slavic lands, was also most helpful. Now, having said all these nice things, it was not always smooth with subsequent rental of the property through VHR; the first tenant had to be evicted. However, although VHR does not retain a permanent legal staff, they were able to do the paperwork to evict the tenant because of non-payment of rent. What’s more, at the time, one of us (the husband) made a trip to Palm Coast to check the property; it was in pretty good shape, not ruined by the tenant who left. At the time, we have some tense exchange admittedly, but Alina was very calm and graceful. Indeed, we made one good strategic decision regarding the rental of this single-family home: Keep the pool maintenance separate and let us, the owners, regularly pay for it. You may wonder where the word ‘virtual’ comes regarding the title of this agency. We don’t know, but we do remember our architecture major daughter giving a technical talk on ‘virtual’ homes… eg.. the colums that are there but not really, etc. etc. Well, maybe this sophisticated stuff was incorporated into the name of this agency; who knows?! In conclusion, for us VHR turned out to be the best agency; especially since our original plan of moving into our wonderful single-family home within two years did not come true because of one of us (the wife) kept delaying retirement from work. We had a better luck with the second tenant whose lease is soon to expire. We recommend to anyone, in location on Palm Coast, or living elsewhere as we are, to really consider this agency for purchase and subsequent rental of properties in Palm Coast.

-Ruknet Cezzar

Alina and the group are amazing, caring, and fun. I have had the chance to work with them and have seen first hand the dedication and time they spend to create the most positive rental experience for both the landlord and the tenant. Palm Coast is lucky to have Virtual Homes Realty!

-Loucretia Campos

Very thorough property management firm. I have been with them for about 4 years now and I haven't ever had a gap in tenants! Each time a tenant files a notice to vacate it isn't more than a week or two before a new tenant is signing paperwork! Every detail is monitored, controlled and audited by VHR. I highly recommend them.

-Brett Power